Who We Are

we believe in uncompromising values as part of the everyday

We are passionately driven to excellence.  Whether on the job, on the stage, in the studio or recreationally, doing the best and making the best of anything is our trademark.  We believe that the pathway to excellence can only be laid if there is a set of values established in a solid foundation, uncompromised by worldly whims.  Our lives are not our own, but bought with a price, so we know that what we do must be first for God, then for others.  Any gifts we have, any talents exercised are exactly because there is a profound recognition of the anointing that comes with them and the awesome responsibility that embodies.

We will not let our future be determined by, nor limited by, our past–looking over your shoulder automatically means you cannot move forward at best possible speed.  Being Christian and standing on biblical principles does not imply infallibility.  It does mean recognizing when we miss the target and making the necessary changes to set things right and get back on course.  Although looking over one’s shoulder makes focusing on excellence difficult, we cannot deny that the sum of all our experiences–good, bad or indifferent–make up a large part of who we are today.  With this in mind, we there is always something that can be learned from those experiences and exploited in the here-and-now.  We have both enjoyed successes over the years and all over the world in multiple disciplines of performing.  We’re involved in church, in the community, in politics–because, while we are set apart, we are not alone.  We care enough to do our best, stay connected and influence outcomes.