What We Do

simply use talent & technology to enhance life

It’s been said that all the world’s a stage and we are merely players.  One of our endeavors is to share our own personal experiences on that stage.  By knowing more about what we’re personally involved in you will have better insight as to what we are passionate about.  This also translates into how we might connect with you and enhance your life.  Experiences in various bands–both praise & worship and secular–as well as our time in the Air Force’s Tops in Blue, years on the theatrical stage (and behind), studio recording, music writing and arranging, the sport of scuba diving and now netcasting, all culminate in a broad and exciting life that we are happy to share with those who are interested.  If you have ever found yourself interested in getting involved in any of the above, we can give you advice and encouragement.  We can assist in modest musical endeavors, including custom arrangements, demo recording, theatrical preparation, podcasting and netcasting as well as scuba diving.