Remember Me?

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Remember Me?

This domestic comedy by Sam Bobrick was presented November 1, 2, 8 and 9 of 2013

Synopsis: Brian and Mary have what appears to be a very comfortable marriage. They seem to have it all. They live in a gorgeous apartment, their children are grown and gone and they pride themselves on being best friends. But though content, the marriage has grown tired. Their lives are turned upside down when Mary’s old college boyfriend, Peter, shows up… or does he? Peter takes Mary in his arms, confesses that he never stopped loving her and begs her to forgive him for breaking her heart many years ago.  What follows becomes a complicated situation as Brian comes to grips with being jealous over…nothing.  Matters are further complicated by the introduction of a young budding actress, Tori, into the mix.

Kellie Jackson directs this four person show and stars as Mary, and is joined by Joel Bacon as her loyal, if somewhat oblivious, husband Brian.  Tori is played by the refreshing Angela Colon-Escobar and Rob Wade is in the role of Peter.  Kellie, Joel and Rob are all long-time Upstagers, so there is comfortable chemistry between them that adds to the believability of their performances.  Angela, the relative newcomer, brings an exuberance and an energetic level of talent to the cast that will surprise most.  It was clear early on that this show was perfectly cast.  Audiences loved the show, but there was a particular enthusiasm from members of the audience who happen to be around the same age as the characters–much of the storyline rang true for long-time relationships.  This play afforded the cast a rare opportunity to dig much deeper into characters than normal, adding a level of sincerity to the performances than actors have the luxury of engaging.