Red Handed

on the brink of regional notariety, they quit while they were ahead

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Red Handed

During the 80’s, local musicians Jimmy Hunkin, Cindy Hanson, Mickey Hunkin and Hector Herrera and Rob Wade came together to build a new band–Caught in the Act–mostly from the ashes of a previous one–The Coupons.  Brothers Mickey and Jimmy formed the core of both groups as bassist and drummer.  For the new band they drafted Hector, whose considerable lead guitar skills were fully utilized.  Cindy Hanson added an exceptionally dramatic and decidedly feminine aspect to lead vocals.  Rob, fresh from a tour with the Air Force Tops in Blue, blended lead vocals with Cindy and Mickey, along with adding early keyboard skills.  The group coupled a genuine enthusiasm for the music with some ambitious arrangements to quickly grab the attention of local audiences.  After winning the 1987 Battle Of The Bands, the group added Terra Winkel, also fresh from Tops in Blue, to the vocal mix and were seemingly unstoppable.  Caught in the Act went on to win the Battle Of The Bands in 1988, at which point Hector departed the band and former guitarist/vocalist for The Coupons, Steve McDaris, rejoined fellow bandmates and the group won the 1989 Battle Of The Bands.  That would be the swan song for the band, right in the midst of gaining considerable success.  Rob and Terra got married in 1989 and were sent to the Pentagon (Rob was still active duty); Steve got a job with FedEx in Waco, Texas and Cindy was off to college.

In 1994, after Rob separated from the Air Force, he and Terra worked their way back to Del Rio.  It wasn’t long before they reconnected with Mickey and Jimmy and the discussions coalesced around the idea of another band.  They were surprised to find that there were still many who remembered Caught in the Act and asked if the band was getting back together.  But the idea was to do something new, but also pay homage to the former band.  Mickey and Rob came up with the name Red Handed as an “extension” of the former name, Caught in the Act.  In fact, this idea would ultimately be written into the lyrics of their title song, which was thematic concept of infidelities of the song’s subject, never quite being able to get away with it: “Now I’m red handed, caught in the act again”.  But at the earliest stages of the rebuild, Mickey had switched to rhythm & lead guitar, so the band needed a new lead guitarist and bassist.  Guy Dupree was called upon to add his amazing lead work and Casey Joiner, former bassist for Oracle, which happened to be one of the bands in the 80’s that competed with Caught in the Act, was the perfect final piece.  All the members had significantly matured their chops during the hiatus and Red Handed skyrocketed to local fame.  As the band began to move away from Top 40 cover tunes toward adding original music, Mickey and Rob were doing most of the writing.  The result was a number of songs that were becoming very popular and showcased additional strengths of Red Handed.  Just shy of preparing to hit the studio to record their first CD, the band reached burnout and, following a huge gig in Castroville, Texas, the band members simply parted ways.

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