Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical

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Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical

In August of 2003 The Upstagers took on one of the most popular newer musicals to come out of Broadway….Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical.  Not only was this a huge undertaking from the costuming and musical aspects, it was a drama, which is something The Upstagers have rarely done.  They had never done a musical drama.  Rob and Terra were incredibly anxious to take this production on and, in this case, it meant quadruple duty for Rob, who not only had the title roles but also directed, produced the music and did the major set designing.  As roles go, playing the dual role of Jekyll and Hyde was a dream for Rob and the most challenging he’d had since the lead in Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  For Terra, it was likewise a much-desired part, particularly being a fan of Linda Eder, for whom the part was originally written.  The music in this show is some of the most gorgeous and haunting ever written, and was a joy for Rob to produce.  Audiences were very enthusiastic about the show, in spite of it being darker and quite the departure from the fluffy shows The Upstagers were known for.  This show also marked the semi-retirement of Rob from the stage due to many other competing priorities.

Act I

Act II